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Feedback : Reflexion
Solo Exhibition by Masayuki Kawai

Feedback : Reflexion 河合政之個展


"No PC, no pre-recorded image, no musical instrument" is used.

All the image and sound of this work are made with the technique called "video feedback".

Video feedback is an electronic closed-circuit process to create feedback of video signal, like feedback of electric guitar or microphone. You can make various types of feedback by "misconnection" of analogue video system, although PC can't be used for it.

This work consists of "playing" of the video feedback noise. It doesn't include any pre-recorded image. All the image comes from the abstract video noise which old video equipment creates by chance when performed. The image always goes out of control and never remains the same.

The sound of "Aleatoric" series is made by putting the video signal (yellow jack) directly into the sound input (red and white jack). Though some musical effectors are used, no actual musical instrument is used. No digital conversion by PC nor MIDI either, but only straight analogue connection. Therefore the video signal also becomes the sound signal. Naturally, the video and the sound completely synchronize. Actually, the video feedback creates the beat and the melody by itself. (M.K.)

日本錄像藝術家河合政之,1972年出生於大阪,目前居住及創作於東京。河合政之擅長利用富含哲學與美學辯証的錄像創作來討論當前媒體社會的處境,展出經歷已超過30逾國,作品也受到紐約皇后美術館、日本國家美術館等國際機構典藏。今年擔任第58屆德國奧森豪國際短片藝術節的評審,也於近兩年策劃了與龐畢度藝術中心合作的 “Hors Pistes Tokyo” 動態影像藝術節。