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Even They Never Met
Solo Exhibition by Niu Chun-Chiang

即使我們從未相見 牛俊強個展


" Even If They Never Met " is the plan of connecting Taipei and Los Angeles by images. Niu Chun -Chiang imitates the documentary as method, and completed in different time locations.

He selects ten portraits of women from his life before residency. Until arrive LA, he selects ten local women and let them choose one picture of these photos. She makes a hypothetical description (about her career, habits, favorite foods, her life ,etc.) for the strange Taiwan woman. The way to describe must be undoubted, like an old friend ( the described as "I remember…", not "I think …"). All interview will be recorded by video.

Until come back to Taiwan, He invites these tenTaiwanese women to describe in same way, for the American woman who selected her.Last, he edits the two-sides interview, let it become a dialogue across space and time.

In this program, we depict object according our life experience and cognize of culture by playing. We associate with their story in thinking by the portraits. When one side decrypting, she will take some self-projection on other side. The object will farther away from their original due the difference of  background.

 This is a co-write text. In addition to the models, the audiences of two countries will add thyself  

subjective image when they looking the work. The collection of image will be a memory source of crossing the race, language, and space-time.

「即使她們從未相見」是牛俊強 2011年9月至11月於美國洛杉磯駐村,串連台灣與當地兩地的影像計劃,以仿紀錄片的形式,在不同時空地點完成。

在出發駐村前,他挑選生活週遭10位女性友人,請她們提供一張照片,至美國駐村後,請10位當地女性,個別從這從這十幾張照片選其一,並對這位陌生的台灣女子,做假設性的描述 (關於她的職業、生活習慣、喜愛食物、過去未來…等),其方式必須揣摩對方是久識的朋友 (描述時以「我記得」,而非「我覺得」不確定語句)。整個訪談過程以錄影紀錄。待駐村結束,回台灣時,再請這十位台灣女子,針對挑選她的美國女性,以同樣方式描述,最後將這兩邊的訪談紀錄交錯剪接,使其看起來打破時空對話。