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Sacred Sojourn
Jawshing Arthur Liou at Taipei Fine Arts Museum


Venue/Gallerie F/TAIPEI FINE ARTS MUSEUMArtist's Talk/Saturday/06/07/2014/3PMOpening Reception/Saturday/06/07/2014/4PMSacred Sojourn features three large-scale video works by Jawshing Arthur Liou: Kora, Saga Dawa and Zumulanma. He was born in Taiwan in 1968 and is currently a Professor of Digital Art at the Indiana University. To mourn for his daughter’s passing, he embarked on a 2300-kilometer filming expedition that started from Lhasa, traveled through the Tibetan Plateau, and ultimately made sojourns to Mount Everest and Mount Kailash. The trip included a four-day kora—a walking circumambulation around Mount Kailash at an elevation between five and six thousand meters. Liou presents ultra high-resolution video and time-lapse photography in an installation format, employing 13 projectors and 3 custom built spaces in this exhibition. The work traces the steps of pilgrims while presenting unique mountain landscapes, reverence for nature, and a space of spiritual sanctuary.

(Reference: TFAM )

地點/台北市立美術館 / F 展覽室轉山對談/劉肇興 VS 謝旺霖/Saturday/06/07/2014/3PM 茶會/Saturday/06/07/2014/4PM旅美影像藝術家劉肇興(1968-),任教於美國印第安納大學。2011 年,他為了悼念亡女,起程前往後藏,從拉薩出發,行經西藏高原、珠穆朗瑪和岡仁波切峰,並在岡峰海拔五、六千公尺處轉山繞行四天。劉肇興以龐大的拍攝規模記錄了這場朝聖之旅,他採用了超高解析度及曠時攝影等方式。展覽現場無限廣闊的空間感,引領觀者趨近山嶺上的朝聖者、觀光客、殊異的山光景色,體會蘊含其中對生命與自然的敬畏虔誠。這次展出共展出三件大型錄像作品:「廓拉」、「珠穆朗瑪」、「薩嘎達瓦」。