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On The Road 在路上
Chien-Chi Chang at Taipei Fine Arts Museum


VENUE/Children’s Art Education Center /TFAMAs seasoned photographer Chien-Chi Chang has been travel around the world for more than 25 years, only realized profoundly that the birth is a miracle and a gift after his daughter was born two years ago. Over the last two years he has continued to also bring back a unique gift for his daughter from his travel. Everywhere he visits, he records local lullabies sung by local mothers. By now there have been 30 plus lullabies from 15 countries. The video installation On the Road, 2014 documented the 2-year Journey through the sound and photography, and the playback device will be through a modified vintage phone. In addition, in the installation are a children world map as well as five photographs from on the road.

地點 / 北美館/ 兒童藝術教育中心有人說新生命的到來是對為人父母者最好的贈與,同樣地,對藝術家而言,孩子的誕生開啓了創作的另一扇窗。北美館兒藝中心〈以禮物之名〉系列,邀請八位藝術家以各自的藝術形式,呈現回餽給孩子的禮物。八月二十六日至九月十四日, 最後一位展出藝術家張乾琦的 「在路上」 : 一只古董電話機播放著三十多首來自十五個國家的母親哼的搖籃曲,是作者攝影之餘蒐集給兒女的紀念品。此外,以一件紀錄式短片、五件攝影作品和一張兒童版的世界地圖具體呈現孩子誕生後的新創作情懷。透過擅長的人道攝影,張乾琦集結對人生道路議題的反思以及對生活的關注,一路上對兒女的思念,這件作品反映出作者與孩子互為禮物的事實。