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Chang Chien-Chi


開幕 Opening Reception/Saturday/10/11/2014/3-6pm

Chi-Wen Gallery will present Film Screening – Thalerhof by Taiwanese artist Chang Chien-Chi. The show will be on display from Oct. 11 to Nov. 15, 2014, will feature two films Thalerhof (2014) and Side Chain (1993-2014).

Thalerhof, 2014

“ We are children of the past. Commemoration is the only form of immortality we can achieve.” Chang Chien-Chi comes from Taiwan and lives in Austria. He went in search of echoes of the once mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire, which fell apart during the war. He found parades, monuments, graveyards and even descendants of the Habsburg emperor. What made the most powerful impression on him, however, was Thalerhof – an important First World War concentration camp, now located near Graz airport.

Side Chain, 1993-2014

"It is not by confining one's neighbour that one is convinced of one's own sanity." —Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Side Chain (1993-2014) is a continuing documentation of Long Fa Temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, which was once infamous for its unorthodox and controversial treatment of mentally disabled patients by fastening two patients with a six-foot chain. The practice was abandoned later on but the ties that bind—voluntary and involuntary—continues.

Side Chain (1993-2014) recently commissioned by Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation.

Chi-Wen Gallery 自2013年新增影片放映藝術項目,每年定期舉辦 Film Screening,今年十月十一日至十一月十五日將首映台灣藝術家張乾琦兩件新作:Thalerhof (2014) 和 Side Chain (1993-2014)。


Thalerhof, 2014

張乾琦,目前旅居奧地利格拉茲(Graz)。他尋著隕落奧匈帝國壯烈的聲音,發現閱兵儀式、紀念碑、墓園,乃至哈布斯堡家族的後裔。然而,讓他難忘的是 Thalerhof – 第一次世界大戰期間重要的集中營之一,就位於現在的格拉茲機場(Graz airport) 附近。

Side Chain, 1993-2014

Side Chain (1993-2014) 是一個長期進行下的紀錄檔案,記載著高雄知名精神病院「龍發堂」,挾宗教之名將病患雙雙緊鍊在一起,此具爭議性的治療方式雖已廢除,但無形中自願 非自願的聯結仍隱隱存在著。今年五月,雪梨「謝爾曼當代藝術基金會」舉辦陳界仁和張乾琦雙個展「HOME」,基金會委託藝術家張乾琦為此次展覽製作Side Chain (1993-2014),透過回顧其代表性作品《鍊》The Chain (1993-1999),張乾琦深入探索自己與龍發堂病患之間在社會體制下某種異化連結。