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‘Can you puff that sound away?'
Solo Exhibition by Lee Kit



‘Sometimes, you feel that there is something inside the back of your neck. It makes you feel a little uncomfortable but you can’t take it away. Just like, sometimes you feel that there are some broken sentences inside your head. You’ll hear them every time when you are alone, or in some particular situations. You can’t wipe them away. (Then you think you are simply listening to yourself talking. It should be more than that. ) It’s like, sometimes you hear the message alarm. (Actually you don’t.) Or, sometimes you feel enlightened by conscience when you are reading news. (Actually it is empty, lack of content.)

It should be about some reasons of some sorts of misunderstanding, that I didn’t pay attention to.’

「有時候,你感到頸背裏面有一個、或者一些東西,讓你有一點不舒服。當然你沒辦法把它拿走。就像,有時候你覺得腦子裏面有一些不太完整的說話。每一次當你一個人、或者面對某一些事態的時候,彷彿就會聽到這些句子。你沒法把它們抹走。(然後你認為只是在聽自己說話。應該不止於此。) 就像你偶爾聽到短訊的聆聲 (其實沒有), 或者看新聞的時候,感到一種良知的感悟 (其實那是沒有內容的)。