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Action at a Distance 超距作用
Yin-Ju Chen at IT Park


Exhibition Location:伊通公園 IT Park, Taipei3 channel video installation | 3 passages of texts | TRT: 9'16" Action at a Distance (2015) is the third chapter of Chen's practices addressing the body, governments, and state violence. Like the previous chapters, As Above, So Below (2013-2014) and Liquidation Maps (2014), Action at a Distance expands and summarizes the metaphysical threads between invasive surgeries and instances of state violence.In As Above, So Below and Liquidation Maps, the artist presents mysticism and astrology as conduits for contemplating modern medical treatments and various massacres. Action at a Distance further elaborates the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm by exploring the philosophical consequences of quantum entanglement and the principle of correspondence. Einstein called quantum entanglement "spooky action at a distance." This chapter and its previous iterations ultimately describe a cohesive and interwoven universe, where science and pseudoscience are merely two complementary routes to understanding human life.

《超距作用》呈現一系列創作計劃的第三章: 最初以《天一象、地一物 》(2013-2014)開始 ,藉由神秘學的角度探討身體與現代醫學;到《屠學錶》(2014),由天象、占星的方式理解亞洲近代屠殺事件和歷史;到第三章節《超距作用》(2015)將身體與國家並置,以量子力學中的量子糾纏原理爲敘事界面,藉由現代物理科學的哲學觀,來理解人類與宇宙法則之間的微妙關係與相互作用。大宇宙、小宇宙之間的密切關聯,或上下一致法則,一直是陳瀅如近年來創作、研究中不可或缺的觀看介質;換句話說,大小宇宙的觀念,是藝術家以探討身體、政體、集體意識的研究方法,也是呈現這個長達兩年半創作計劃的關鍵。愛因斯坦稱超距作用或量子糾纏爲「鬼魅似的遠距作用」。這個創作計劃凝聚在人類與宇宙之間不停地交織、互相產生作用。從古至今,我們不斷地試圖理解世界與生命;無論是偽科學還是科學,不同的研究方法或是思考模式,了解生命的方式終究同歸而殊途,一致而百慮。