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Extrastellar Evaluations - Yin-Ju Chen at Liverpool Biennial 2016
A Dialogue Between Yin-Ju Chen, Tsui Kuang-Yu and Chen Chieh-Jen


Exhibition Dates : 23 July –10 September, 2016Opening Reception : 15:00-18:00, Saturday, 23 July, 2016Chi-Wen Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition by Yin-Ju Chen and Tsui Kuang-Yu’s of videos that were each commissioned by Liverpool Biennial in 2016 and 2006 respectively. The exhibition will run at our gallery from July 23 to September 10, 2016. Additionally we have invited Chen Chien-Jen, who was also commissioned by Liverpool Biennial in 2006 when he presented his early important video “The Route (2006)”, to join in a conversation with both exhibited artists and their gallery to share their individual experience in being a commissioned artist of the important Liverpool Biennial. Together with the exhibition, the conversation aims to examine the cooperation between artist, gallery and institution and to define the relationship between each in the contemporary art world.The Liverpool Biennial is the largest international contemporary art festival in the United Kingdom, which is underpinned by a programme of research, education, residencies and commissions. Founded in 1998, Liverpool Biennial has commissioned 268 new artworks and presented work by over 400 artists from around the world. During the last 10 years Liverpool Biennial has had an economic impact of £119.6 million.For the ninth edition of the Liverpool Biennial 2016, 44 artists have created new work for locations across the city, alongside a showcase of ten associate artists working in the North of England. Artists from Australia, Belgium, China, France, Greece, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, Russia , the UK, as well as Taiwan are participating. In addition, the Liverpool Biennial exhibition has been conceived as a series of episodes, drawing inspiration from Liverpool’s past, present and future.