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No Such Thing As Gravity
Yin-Ju Chen at NTMoFA


Featuring work by Yin-Ju Chen, "No Such Thing As Gravity" showcases arts and creative technology and explores the unknown areas and controversial issues in science.

Action at a Distance (2015) is the third chapter of Yin-Ju Chen's practices addressing the body, governments, and state violence. Like the previous chapters, As Above, So Below (2013-2014) and Liquidation Maps (2014), Action at a Distance expands and summarizes the metaphysical threads between invasive surgeries and instances of state violence. In As Above, So Below and Liquidation Maps, the artist presents mysticism and astrology as conduits for contemplating modern medical treatments and various massacres. Action at a Distance further elaborates the relationship between the macrocosm and the microcosm by exploring the philosophical consequences of quantum entanglement and the principle of correspondence.