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Broken Spectre
Yu Cheng-Ta at Taipei Fine Arts Museum


"Broken Spectre, the title of this exhibition, not only refers to the keyword pò (broken to break) of Taiwan’s underground culture in the 1990s, but also insinuates the term “Brocken Spectre,” a phenomenon which occurs when the sun shines from behind the climbers who are looking down from the peak into the mist."

Yu Cheng-Ta takes part in the group show "Broken Spectre" with his commissioned video installation If the (Island's) Body Is a (Marginalized) Rice Dumpling Par Excellence (2017). This work was inspired by the article “Bouncy Horny Rice Dumpling: The Body Resembles an Extraordinary Rice Dumpling” published in No. 14 of Isle-Margin, a magazine of cultural criticism. Starting from the rhapsodic imagination and cultural analysis of rice dumplings and the Dragon Boat Festival, this article elaborated on the lust-driven body and its political implications. The artist extracted the visual image of sadism and masochism from the “rice dumpling-like body” described in the article, and embedded it in the two-channel video he filmed on the basis of the quasi-novel theater Slave Auction written and performed by BDSM performing artist Corrine. The plot of this play revolves around the process in which the body (of a pet) is turned into a valuable artwork (for auction) by his owner’s training. The self-awareness emerging out of the struggle between “submission” and “identity” is clearly reflected in the pet’s self-bondage as well as the farewell kinbaku.