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Yu Cheng-Ta at Taipei Fine Arts Museum


TAI is a hybrid work incorporating both performance and exhibition. It employs interaction and participation to explore the relationships among time, space and the body within the art museum. Yu Cheng-Ta invited TAI, a model of mixed French and Thai ancestry, to participate in the performance. Androgynously dressed, TAI poses with his body to become an artwork in a museum exhibition, and his images will be shared with viewers around the world on such social media as Instagram or Tumblr. The work TAI employs the ambiguous zone between the performer's true identity and false identity (dress) to stimulate visitors to express their views on such issues as gender identity, body politics and body language, and, in the process of moving from "viewing" to "perceiving," to reserve an open attitude regarding the predesignated gender identities of men and women. At the same time, the use of webcasting and social media leads us, as people existing in a new media environment, to consider how the virtual social landscape of the internet can be presented in a "work" in a museum. When self-identity and the public gaze are magnified and extended to another level, can art become a life experience?