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My Private Foreign Affairs 私外交
Yu Cheng-Ta at Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Yu was born in 1983 and has since experienced the diversity of a multiculture and a high degree of exposure to media. It is through this that it has become his signature to reprocess everyday experiences and reflect on the questions these dialogues entail. His work uses conversation to demonstrate the diversity of the messages they carry, employing a dynamic framework of relationships to make art of heterogeneous messages in culture. He is attentive to the breakdowns in communication and how they may be repaired, so that the subjects in his work create a sense of confrontation, or even humor.
Careful observation of body postures is key to discussions of Yu’s work. Body figures in his work can be a reflection of an event or a medium, and they can also be a concept or an unfolding event. It is through penetration, engraving, removal and other methods that many issues are being discussed here. Interactions and dialogues are presented through video installations, initiating a new phase of his works’ deployment.
Therefore, the attentive focus on body figures and languages can be seen as Yu Cheng-Ta’s political questioning in the form of a study on media, which constructs and influences subjects in his work. The deployment of Yu’s work in the exhibition space demonstrates a dialogue between Taiwan’s entanglement in its internal affairs and its situation on the international stage. The array of art pieces contains factual and imaginative dialogues between Taiwan and the world. It is hoped that through clues in spacing and the reading of the art pieces, a field which prompts a reflection on one’s self is presented.