Hu Ching-Chuan

Hu Ching-Chuan


Hu Ching-Chuan (b.1990) currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Hu Ching-Chuan has participated in many important exhibitions and festivals, including: “Film Screenings”, Chi-Wen Gallery, Taipei (TW, 2019); The 24th ifva Festival, Hong Kong (CN, 2019); “LIFE GEEK”, Sanlin Incity, Shanghai (CN, 2018); “Video on the Phone”, POLYMER X Hong-gah Museum, Taipei (TW, 2018); “Art Nova100”, Cguardian Art Center, Beijing (CN, 2018); “Art Week Liberec 2018”, Liberec (CZ, 2018); “Customized Reality: The Lure and Enchantment of Digital Art”, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, Taichung (TW, 2018); Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival Market, Clermont-Ferrand (FR, 2018); “Liverpool Film Night”, Liverpool (UK, 2017); Lanzarote International Video Art Week, Lanzarote (ES, 2017).

Hu Ching-Chuan has received awards and grants, including Best experimental work from The 41st Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films (TW, 2019); Gold Award from The 24th ifva Festival, Hong Kong (CN, 2019); AR/VR Award from LIFE GEEK (CN, 2018); Merit Prize from Yilan Awards (TW, 2018); Kaohsiung Awards from Kaohsiung Awards (TW, 2018); Best experimental work from First International Film Festival (CN, 2017); First Prize from Before Invalid – Exhibition Statement, Taipei National University of the Arts (TW, 2018).


You are everywhere, but not anywhere

August 22 – September 26, 2020

Film Screenings

November 23 – December 28, 2019