James T. Hong Biography

James T. Hong (b. 1970) currently lives and works in Taipei, Taiwan. 

James T. Hong is a filmmaker and artist who has been producing films and videos for nearly twenty years. He has produced works about Heidegger, Spinoza, Japanese biological warfare, the Opium Wars, and racism. Hong has participated in many important exhibitions, including: 12th Shanghai Biennale (CN, 2018); Tales Film Program “Terra Nullius or : How to Be a Nationalist” at Guggenheim Museum, New York (USA, 2017), “Traversing the Phantasm” Forum Expanded at 66th Berlin Film Festival (DE, 2016); Taipei Biennial at Taipei Fine Arts Museum (TW, 2016 and 2012); “The Invisible Hand: Curating as Gesture” at 2nd CAFAM Biennale at The Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum, Beijing (CN, 2014); “A Journal of the Plague Year. Fear, ghosts, rebels. SARS, Leslie and the Hong Kong story” touring in Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, San Francisco (2013–14); The Berlin International Film Festival (DE, 2013); “Modern Monsters Death and Life of Fiction” at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (NL, 2012 and 2008); International Film Festival Rotterdam (NL, 2011, 2008, 2007 and 2001). Several of his films have received awards and grants, most recently one is “Opening Closing Forgetting” at Busan International Film Festival (KR, 2018).