Build a House

Build a House

Live Performance with Audience Participation
Su Misu
January 18, 2020

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For one day only, Su Misu will invite volunteers to participate in her new project “Build a House”, a performance that extends from her existing art practice that touches upon the subjects of bondage and LGBTQ+ issues, amongst others. Su Misu and some of her friends will act as coaches that direct volunteers to run and wrap the gallery building with ropes. Even under the direction of the coaches, the volunteers however are still allowed to find their own way to twist the ropes around and at the end of the performance, the ropes will form an irregular, huge net. Through this event, the artist would like to draw attention on the habits and creativity that are inherent in the volunteers, and, on a macro level, also on the way citizens build a family under Democratic Government control.

“Build a House” is part of the exhibition, “‘Every Man is an Artist’ – Talking About Artists’ Social Engagement.