Jawshing Arthur Liou at Beijing Red Brick Art Museum

Jawshing Arthur Liou's "Kora" at Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing

Jawshing Arthur Liou’s work “Kora” will be screened in the exhibition “Rituals of Signs and Metamorphosis” in Beijing. Curated by Tarek Abou El Fetouh, the exhibition presents works by ten renowned artists from different corners of the Asian continent and situates their work between historical and contemporary systems of thinking, which allows the unexpected, the unknown and the mysterious to appear. The works of these visionary artists are displayed along an imagined ritual path of concepts and forms, materials and mediums, gestures and actions, and they explore different registers of metamorphosis. This poetic journey leads us to question the certainty of narratives, provokes reflections and ideas, and sparks the desire to seek out divinatory signs.

Interview by CGTN

Photo provided by Red Brick Art Museum, Beijing.

An Evening with Jawshing Arthur Liou in ACAW

An Evening with Jawshing Arthur Liou in ACAW

The acclaimed Taipei and Indiana based artist Jawshing Arthur Liou will be in conversation with ACAW Director Leeza Ahmady at 599 West, New York, USA.

Thursday, November 5, 2015, 6 – 8pm

Jawshing Arthur Liou in THINKING CURRENTS

Jawshing Arthur Liou in "THINKING CURRENTS"

Crossing (2009) by Jawshing Arthur Liou in “THINKING CURRENTS” curated by Leeza Ahmady as part of Asia Contemporary Art Week (ACAW).

July 30 – August 2, 2015

Jawshing Arthur Liou at Sharjah Biennial 12

Jawshing Arthur Liou at Sharjah Biennial 12

Jawshing Arthur Liou’s Kora (2011-12) has been selected for Sharjah Biennial 12 (SB12): The past, the present, the possible. 

On view March 5 – June 5, 2015