Reposition / Mapping

Reposition / Mapping

Chen Shiau-Peng

July 3 – August 4, 2012

Selected Work

Artist statement

In July 2011, I worked with woodcuts at Colorado’s Anderson Ranch Arts Center. This conjured up memories of my time at university, where I majored in printmaking. I thought about what I was like in college. What influence did those years ultimately have on who I’ve become? Why the impetus for printmaking returned to me after such a long hiatus, and in a place so far away.

In August, I visited New York. Besides going to various museums and galleries, I took the opportunity to see old friends and revisit places I used to frequent when I studied my Masters here. There were fleeting moments when I felt as though those days in New York ten years ago have returned. I asked myself who I might have become if I’d never left New York.

That summer was a unique time of looking back at my past, a re-cognition of two defining periods in my life. I hope my works in this solo exhibition reflect the ideology of mapping, addressing not only images within images, but also time within time.