The Revolutionary Road

The Revolutionary Road

Fan Hsiao-Lan

August 24 – September 28, 2013

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The film tells about a story of a woman from the city, who travels to the east coast of The film tells a story about a woman from the city, who travels to the east coast of Taiwan and uncovers controversial land development projects. These development projects exploit the land with disregard to the environment and social community; they sabotage resources and ecological conservation, and defy the rights of indigenous people. The dispute has existed many years and remains unsolvable. It conceals complicated invested interests among government, corporations and local mafia. In the end, these disputes ultimately become the fundamental structural problem of the society.

Fan Hsiao-Lan’s new video work, The Revolutionary Road, provides a new arrangement of gesture and forms of being in this island that is suppressed and struggled in between ideal and reality.

Fan Hsiao-Lan
Fan uses images and texts as the medium to explore the relationship among human being, society and nature. In the seemingly chaotic status, an artist contemplates and touches on contemporary issues based on sensibility. Because through experiences of bodily movement, desires simultaneously hang between the identity of an artist/ human being as well as human being towards society and nature. This concept involves a complex (ambiguous) identity with human beings/ society/ nature. It is not easily recognized by knowledge but in contrast, it is enclosed in an experiential atmosphere. In the process of reexamining and reconsidering the possibilities of the texts, which then proceed to exploration of collective experience or social issues, in effort to reflect the complex and intricate relationships between power and society. Fan has participated in many local and international exhibitions, including “Inevitable Vibrations” (Taipei Artist Village, 2012), “THAITAI: A Measure of Understanding” (Bangkok Art and Culture Center, 2012), “Taiwan Calling” – The Phantom of Liberty/Elusive Island” (Ludwig Museum, Budapest, 2010). In 2012, she is resident artist at Maison Laurentine Artist in Residence, France and Asia New Zealand Foundation, Wellington, New Zealand. Fan currently lives and works in Taipei.

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Taipei Times, September 15, 2013

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