Katagiri Atsunobu

Katagiri Atsunobu


Katagiri Atsunobu (b.1973) currently lives and works in Osaka.

Katagiri Atsunobu, a flower arrangement artist born in 1973 in Osaka. In 1997, aged just 24, he succeeded to the professional name of master of the Misasagi ikebana school in Sakai City, Osaka.

His arrangement style varies from the traditional to contemporary art, and he has worked on many collaborative projects with artists in other genres. His work employs various plants from small wild grasses to his longstanding theme, the large installation with cherry trees, exploring elements of animism, one of the originating sources of flower arrangement. He has stayed in Minamisoma city, Fukushima as an invited artist for the “Hama-dori, Naka-dori, & Aizu Tri-Regional Culture Collaboration Project” organized by the government’s Agency of Cultural Affairs since 2013, and has created numerous works. His book Sacrifice: The Ikebana of Regeneration, Offered to the Future (published by SEIGENSHA ART Publishing,Inc.) has been released as the documentation of the project.


Forty Days

May 22 – June 30, 2020


June 24 – August 12, 2017


Sacrifice − The Ikebana of Regeneration