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Migratory Birds, Sea Breeze, Phonograph

Chang Li-Ren, Cheng Yuan and Rui Lanxin
October 24 – November 28, 2020

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Migratory Birds, Sea Breeze, Phonograph
Migratory Birds, Sea Breeze, Phonograph
Migratory Birds, Sea Breeze, Phonograph

“The appearance of words is not because of writing, 
and the existence of images is not because of  screening.
What on the island was yours, mine, her childhood, young age and the existence of life.
You couldn’t  see, I couldn’t talk clearly, and he was no longer here.”

Chi-Wen Gallery presents this year’s final exhibition “Migratory Birds, Sea Breeze, Phonograph” from October 24 to November 28, 2020, which is featured Chang Li-Ren, Cheng Yuan, and Rui Lanxin. They will continue the past collaborative project “FM100.8″ which was showed ​​in the exhibition “City Flip-Flop” at C-Lab in 2019, but with a refreshing look at Chi-Wen Gallery.

“FM100.8” was an immersive theater work, with radio, projectors and vintage home furnishings of the 1970s, leading viewers back to the historical atmosphere of Cold War. In the exhibition “Migratory Birds, Sea Breeze, and Phonograph” at Chi-Wen Gallery, these three artists’ attention to “memory” returns to themselves from the huge national narrative and historical context. They went back to their homes and studios, searching for the most private materials. The artists lightly describe the relationship between the individual and history, revealing the slight but profound quality of daily life.

CHANG Li-Ren (b. 1983, Taichung) graduated in 2006 from the Department of Fine Arts at the National Taiwan University of Art and obtained his master’s degree in Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts from Tainan National University of the Arts in 2011. With his oeuvre consisting mainly of video installations, conceptual projects, and animations, CHANG specializes in using narratives to construct virtual realms that sit at the intersection of reality and fiction. He co-curated with artist Wu Chi-Yu “Not Promising 3D Video Art Festival” in 2013. 

CHENG Yuan was born in 1990, Taipei, Taiwan.

RUI Lanxin is a Researcher and curator, and now based in Chengdu, China. RUI received her Doctorate in Cross-cultural and Art Studies from Sichuan University, with researches focusing on the literature of memory in Chinese social scape and visual studies.