Unstable Condition-Greeting From A Stranger

Unstable Condition - Greeting from a Stranger

Online Exhibition
Chang Li-Ren
April 22 – June 15, 2022

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Selected Works

Battle City 2- Economic Miracle

Chang Li-Ren participates in the Taiwan-Ukraine online art exchange project “Unstable Condition: Greeting from a Stranger”, showing the complete “Battle City”-trilogy (2010-2021).

The art project “Unstable Condition: Greeting from a Stranger” was initiated early 2021 by Open Place, an interdisciplinary platform from Ukraine, and Nien-Ting Chen, an independent curator from Taiwan. The original plan was to have the opening of the exhibition in April of this year followed by a lecture program at Artsvit Gallery in Dnipro, as well as at the National Art Museum of Ukraine. As war broke out, the physical exhibition has been postponed and instead has been replaced by a virtual exhibition.

The show features 11 groups of representative artists from Ukraine and Taiwan, each presenting political attitudes and social observations of people from both countries through visuals, while examining changes in the world order of the geopolitical bodies in the post-Cold War period. The artists bear witness as Ukraine is in the midst of a war that revisits the atmosphere of the Cold War with apocalyptic prophecies of human civilisation. 

The theme of this art project is “Unstable Condition”, implying that such turbulent situations are not only happening to Ukrainians, but to all of mankind. Our past visions of the future are being reconstructed and the curatorial team hopes that this project will allow the audience to feel the tension of the current international situation through art and to be able to see the world we are now living in through the suffering experienced in Ukraine.