Practicing…A Live Simulation Documents of Yu Cheng-Ta’s Practicing LIVE Project

Practicing...A Live Simulation Documents of Yu Cheng-Ta's Practicing LIVE Project

Yu Cheng-Ta
August 22 – September 27, 2014

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The 30-minute script of Practicing LIVE involves an ordinary family coming together to celebrate the father’s birthday. What makes this family special is each member’ss employment within the art scene, which creates intersections between work and familial ties in even the most commonplace of conversations, revealing long-hidden realities of the art world. All seven actors are professionals from the world of visual arts: museum curator, collector, gallery manager, independent curator, artist, critic and professor. Through the tensions between their real and fictional personae in their enactment of this family drama, the actors dismantle and reconstruct their relationships with each other. Punning on the word “life”, Practicing LIVE is a live broadcast of a constantly rehearsed and practiced life.

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Yu Cheng-Ta at Taipei Fine Arts Museum

ARTINFO, August 11, 2014

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